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Stations of the Cross.
The celebration of the Stations of the Cross is especially common on the Fridays of Lent, especially Good Friday. Community celebrations are usually accompanied by various songs and prayers. Particularly  common as musical accompaniment is the sequence Stabat Mater Dolorosa. At the end of each station, the Adoramus Te is sometimes sung. The Alleluia is also sung; however, that holy word is buried during Lent.
Stations of the Cross (or Way of the Cross; in Latin, Via Crucis; also called the Via Dolorosa or Way of Sorrows, or simply, The Way) refers to the depiction of the final hours (or Passion) of Jesus, and the devotion commemorating the Passion. The tradition as chapel devotion began with St. Francis of Assisi and extended throughout the Roman Catholic Church in the medieval period. It is less often observed in the Anglican and Lutheran churches. It may be done at any time, but is most commonly done during the Season of Lent, especially on Good Friday and on Friday evenings during Lent.
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The stations themselves are usually a series of 14 pictures or sculptures depicting the following scenes:

1. Jesus is condemned to death

2.Jesus receives the cross

3.Jesus falls the first time

4. Jesus meets his Mother

5.Simon of Cyrene carries the cross

6. Veronica wipes Jesus face with her veil

7.Jesus falls the second time

8.Jesus meets the daughters of Jerusalem

9.Jesus falls the third time

10.Jesus is stripped of His garments

11.Crucifixion: Jesus is nailed to the cross

12.Jesus dies on the cross

13.Jesus body is removed from the cross (Deposition or Lamentation)

14.Jesus is laid in the tomb and covered in incense.

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