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Its look like a chaotic nativity scene. The old church statues serene saints angels and members of the holy family. All can be seen at  the shop fluminalis. owner jan peters 60 jears old ,studied for the priesterhood  as a young man, but when assisting a mass, he recalls," I was always thinking about these beautiful objects."He never did become a  priest, but instead made a career of selling the bits and pieces of disused churches.Not only statues and the like,but also parts of the buildings such as architectural antiques. We take everything from the church tower to the pulpit. Handling Packing Shipping. All under one roof 5000m2 church interiors with its own handling packing and shipping division.fluminalis is among a specialized group of european antique dealers who buy and sell these heavy hitters of the anique world spiral staircases marble columns massive doors irongates and carved chimney pieces.Not only  from churches but castles monasteries and famous buildings many of these objects even whole rooms entryways and facades are exported overseas. With 

fluminalis handling packing and shipping division

To places such as U.S.A. some are brought by companies renovating restaurants ar pubs. The Japanese like to incorporate them into wedding chapels. And some are used by home owners to redecorate the house or garden,or even build a home from scratch fluminalis worldwide the biggest company which sells and exports church interiors since 1972.

Antique Exports: fluminalis are now exporting ever increasing volumes of products to both continental europe and the rest of the world our shipping and handling department will ensure the efficient delivery of goods to your destination fluminalis church interiors horssen holland since 1972 worldwide exports own antique handling and packing division. Shipping with UPS-SCS. Fluminalis provides all needed documents for export as invoices and proforma invoices. We work with Tipp n Tell Labels and the best products for packing. Every shipment has its own insurance. Fluminalis Provides always tracking and shipping nrs. Multiple pictures always are taken of whole packing process. For any more questions please ask for: Mr Harald Peters. E-mail: Harald@fluminalis.com

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Fluminalis contracting division has been actively engaged in the specialty reliqious business for more than 35 years. Based in Horssen Holland, we have successfully completed projects for churches,seminaries,hospitals,schools,diocesan facilities,convents,funeral homes,cemeteries,and private chapels worldwide. The removal and installation of religious artifacts is fragile work,reguiring expert assistance, That s why parishes around the world turn to Fluminalis time and time again for complete contracting services. Our in-house staff will handle all aspects of your specialty contracting needs. That means peace of mind. Over the past decade, we have removed and installed hundreds of marble and wood altars,bronze and stainded glass windows throughout the whole world. Our workforce includes marble setters,stained glass experts,the finest wood carvers,liturgical consultants,bronze founders,painting and mural experts,church lighting designers. Find the expertise you need-all from one source. Fluminalis Church Interiors Reliqious Contracting construction professionals can handle any job or design you can conceive.  E-mail: info@fluminalis.com

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