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church angels

Fluminalis Church Interiors Horssen Holland since 1972. A company with a proud history, but also with its eyes fixed firmly on the future Fluminalis Church interiors generation family business celebrated 35 years of trading. We are appreciate that loyalty of our customers has been major conributing factor to our succes over the years, and we would like to thank each and every one of you for your support. Today our company manufactures and markets a complete range of Church Furnishing and comsumable products. Including Antique church Angels.

Standing church angels

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large church angels

About 100 angels in all kind of lines: neutrally, male and female. Splendid pairs of torches- and chandelierscarrying angels: kneeling, standing and flying ones. Angels with depending and standing-up wings. Archangels Gabriel, Michael,Uriel, and Rafael. Beautiful guardian angels and angels as altar- and tabernacle-waiters. In wood, terra-cotta,plaster,woodpap,sandstone,cast-iron and nature stone about 20 till 150 inches total height.

kneeling church angels






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