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Religious statues

Never equaled collection of innumerable antique church statues from chapels, monasteries, churches and cathedrals. The tremendous number of statues made Fluminalis world-famous. TV stations from nearly all continents gave attention on this company. 

Religious Church Statues.

Antique church statues with extreme and half-measures in wood, terra-cotta,plaster,woodpap,cast-iron,sandstone and marble. More the 1000 saints in sizes from 30 till 165 inches are established in battle order....  Complete life size set of 12 apostles, the 4 Evangelists, Popes, Cardinals & Bishops, Priests & Monks, etc. etc.  Jesus as Holy Heart, the Good Sheperd, Redemptor and Child. St Mary as Madonna, Holy Mother, with Jesus and St. Joseph in the Holy Family, as Child with Mother Anne, Beautiful sets for chapels and churches. Exclusive church statues for outside and many more......

Cast iron church statues.

Fluminalis Church Interiors  is proud to be the leader in this industry. In the past there were a couple of private individuals who pioneered the reliqious artifacts industry in the 1970s, but Fluminalis has developed this business and continues to remain a leader in our field.

Religious large Church Statues.

We have the largest selection of reliqious church statues and artifacts worldwide and operate as a real company providing professional and responsible service to all of those who deal with us. You simply cannot effectively search for a religious antique item without first calling Fluminalis Church Interiors.

Reliqious Antique Church Statue.

Without a doubt, Fluminalis Church Interiors Reliqious artifacts and collection of church statues carries the most complete and largest selection of church supplies in the world. We represent every major church manufacturer in the world as well as handcrafted custom furnishings and fittings ourselves. These manufacturers in combination with our antique inventory give us the largest selection anywhere.

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